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Forums » Other TV Shows » Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 9: Fall

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Author Topic: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 9: Fall 790 Views
  • Aaronic
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    Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 9: Fall Link to this post

    Another short review from me that I will expand later on.

    I give this a 70. I might change this score later.

    -This was a very tense and dreadful hour with a lot of saddening moments like Jimmy using Irene, Kim's accident, and Nacho disappointing his father.

    -Jimmy's transformation into Saul has been very gripping which has made the last 4 episodes very enjoyable, despite them being mostly set up.

    -All the other stories have been good, but aside from the awesome pill swap last week and this week's car accident there has been very little that has been memorable. It's simply been just solid storytelling and acting.

    -I'm very excited for next week's finale. Hopefully everything will come to a head then. There has been a lot of patient storytelling and it's time for some payoff. I would be disappointed if it's simply just set up for season 4 without any meaningful moments.

  • Fluids
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    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 9: Fall Link to this post

    There were a lot of sparks in this episode. I agree there was set up also Aaronic. Great pay out for the disintegration for Chuck at HHM.


    * Jimmy butters up Irene Landry with Kitten Cookies and learns that Sandpiper would net him over a $1M payout if they settle. Erin Brill of Davis & Main are representing her (SEE: The Unknown.)

    * Lydia Rodarte-Quayle signs up Mike as an employee so his money can get laundered over a 20 week period at $10K per week as a security consultant. It appears he gave his money to Gus and Lydia then pays him for his so called services. Mike must then be locking up the money in a trust fund or bank account somewhere to be mentioned I would imagine in his will for his daughter and grand daughter. She praises Gus at the mention he's a drug dealer.

    * HHM has a meeting with their malpractice insurance provider (Santa Rosa) who are intending upon doubling their insurance premiums due to Chuck's transcript at Jimmy's hearing. They offered a rider to eliminate the expense by having Chuck be supervised on cases. Chuck accuses the insurance company of trying to get them to find another carrier or cut them a fat check and threatens legal action if they don't go back to the old rate and they leave.

    * Howard pours Chuck a drink and encourages him to retire. When Chuck says he's not ready to do that, Howard insists he does and that the insurance carrier incident is 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. Howard thinks he has become too unpredictable and he can't be partners with someone who's judgement he cannot trust.

    * Kim works on the case for her new client. It's pretty clear she's exhausted, however as a clever plan where instead of being doubled taxed, they pay a damage to property fee; saving the oil company a lot of money. The owner loves it.

    * Jimmy talks to Howard Hamlin and he sees right through him that all he wants is his payout of the case and assures him he will get his money and that he just has to wait for it.

    * Jimmy plants himself at the mall and offers Irene some brand new workout shoes and plants the seed in her friends minds that she's getting special treatment for holding out on Sandpiper from her attorneys.

    * Nacho visits his father's house and tells him that he still works for Don Hector and that he has to front for him. He orders Nacho out of his house (SEE: The Unknown)

    * Chuck sends a letter to HHM suing them for breach of contract and Howard goes to see him. Chuck has all the power restored in his house to proof he is not mentally ill and asserts how he built the firm and that he will see Howard in court. After Howard leaves, he visibly shows he is distressed holding his mixer and realizes he is still pretty mentally ill.

    * Jimmy uses a fixed Bingo game to show how special Irene has become to her friends to move the settling for Sandpiper along.

    * Irene's friends give her the cold shoulder at the Mall and Jimmy pushes her into settling Sandpiper.

    * Kim worked on her case all night with no sleep and is late to her client and gets into a car accident on the way over.

    Overall thoughts:

    I gave this a 65 on Robin's scale.


    * I actually liked this episode a lot. The disintegration at HHM between Howard and Chuck was worth the wait. I did complain that the last episode should have given this payoff, however it works less predictably placed here instead. It's more effective to see Chuck's flighty reactions to the insurance company reps leading to Howard then concluding to Chuck he need to go rather than Howard telling Chuck in the previous episode. I am sure Chuck's behavior will cause this situation to deteriorate even more.


    * The whole thing with Chuck trying to posture sanity against Howard's defense worked. I suppose the hand withdrawing from the mixer was necessary, however I thought it was a little melodramatic.
    * Jimmy's wearing down techniques on Irene were also wearing me down a little (too much repetition). I get what he's trying to do.
    * I have to agree with Robin's comments from Season Two. There does seem to be a process that occurs where characters put together plans in pieces that come together to cause something to happen to other characters. It's getting a bit formulaic. Examples: The cookies, walking shoes, bingo game for Jimmy. Chuck is using powered items and calming techniques.


    * Will Nacho's father front for Don Hector or will Don Hector force Nacho to kill his own father?
    * If Chuck moves forward with his lawsuit will HHM want to settle sandpiper asap because they will need money?
    * Will HHM's deterioration cause Chuck to lose his mind or push him back into sanity?

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