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Forums » Other TV Shows » Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 3: Sunk Costs

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Author Topic: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 3: Sunk Costs 922 Views
  • Aaronic
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    Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 3: Sunk Costs Link to this post

    This episode mostly felt like a transitional episode, but it was still perfectly enjoyable. I will give it a 65 out of 100.

    First of all, the Jimmy/Chuck dynamic continues to impress me. Chuck always seems to be almost redeemable and sympathetic but continuously ruins any hope of that being the case. In this episode we see him standing outside in the sunlight, no space blanket or anything, telling Jimmy that he's doing this for him. Even though he sounds lie he is trying to help Jimmy, it's clear to me that he is simply doing his "victory lap"(he mentioned enjoying victory laps back in season 2) here by proving his point to Jimmy after finally getting what he wanted. Another scene proving this was his conversation with the lawyer. He talked about Jimmy's good heart and for a second it almost seems like he will show some brotherly love, but in the end it is all a ploy just for Chuck to get what he wants by attempting to get Jimmy banned from practicing law.

    On the other side of the spectrum, Jimmy is fantastic. Bob Odenkirk does a spectacular job of playing this disappointed and broken Jimmy and really takes the energy out of his voice to let us sympathize with him. My favourite scene in the episode was when Jimmy coldly and monotonously told Chuck that he will die alone. It was really tragic, heart-breaking and powerful to see Jimmy finally turn his back on Chuck completely as their relationship continues to grow worse and worse. It's almost painful to go back and watch episodes like "RICO" from season 1 and watch Jimmy and Chuck working together happily, while knowing where their relationship will end up.

    Kim is excellent in this episode as well. She is just as loyal to Jimmy as Jesse was to Walt in Breaking Bad, which makes her decision to help out Jimmy almost as painful to watch as Jesse's decision to start cooking with Walt again in season 3 of Breaking Bad. We know it's not in Kim's best interests to stay with Jimmy, but she is roped in by his charm and her love for him, setting up perfectly for yet another tragedy later down the road. The last scene with Kim siding with Jimmy was well done and felt satisfying.

    Meanwhile, Mike's story is very exciting as usual. Mike has been excellent in this season and that continued this week. The opening confrontation between Mike and Gus was long-awaited and it definitely lived up to he hype. Jonathan Banks did excellently as Mike, making it easy to see what he was thinking throughout the scene and Giancarlo Esposito was excellent as ever playing the cold, calm Gus. It was nice to see the 2 of the come to a mutual agreement and I'm curious to see when they will properly start working together and why.

    The shoe scene on the road was very well done. The cold open built up the mystery very well and left me confused and waiting for answers. Now we have seen what the shoes came from, but the bullet holes in the stop sign remain a mystery, which I appreciate as it lets us know that something big will happen soon. I enjoyed seeing Mike's plan slowly come together as usual and the moment when we see the drugs falling onto the truck was when I finally pieced everything together. Sure the plan was a but tricky, but it felt all the more satisfying once I figured it out.

    Other notes:
    -The excellent music track from "Fifi"'s cold open returned for the short border scene, which I enjoyed.

    -Breaking Bad characters are swarming this season like flies. This week we get to see Gus' doctor from Mexico hooking Mike up with drugs. Additionally, Tyrus also appeared behind Gus. I wonder how many more characters will return this season?

    -Bill the lawyer made a welcome return and shared some fun scenes with Jimmy. I loved the added touch of seeing his "lunch" which consisted of lukewarm insta-coffee and 2 bags of chips.

    -The short montage of Kim getting ready was kind of filler in retrospect, but it was a fun watch and displayed the fantastic cinematography that you can only find on Better Call Saul.

    -So Chuck fired Ernie after using him. As if we didn't have enough reasons to hate Chuck already.

    -With Mike and Gus making an alliance against Hector, the interesting cold open, and the random shots of a wheelchair and bell, I believe we may be seeing the event that put Hector into a wheelchair soon.

    Overall this episode didn't progress the plot a whole lot and felt mostly transitional, but Saul's excellent storytelling, writing and cinematography still made this am enjoyable watch.

  • Ben
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    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 3: Sunk Costs Link to this post

    Better Call Saul has done a great job at creating perhaps one of the most sympathetic and despicable characters on television in Chuck. Jimmy and Kim vs Chuck in court should be a fun and dirty battle.

    Score: 68

    I'll never look at hanging sneakers the same ever again.

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