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Forums » Other TV Shows » Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 2: Witness

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Author Topic: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 2: Witness 898 Views
  • Aaronic
    Community Member
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    Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 2: Witness Link to this post

    Another week, another strong outing from Better Call Saul. Like last episode, I will give this a 70 out of 100. There were some weaker parts to this, but the strong parts were very strong.

    First of all, the Jimmy/Chuck stuff was sublime as usual. I loved Jimmy's reaction to learning Chuck made the tape, it felt very real and emotional. Bob Odenkirk's acting was superb and you could feel Jimmy's frustration and depression from this for the rest of the episode. The scene with Jimmy removing the tape was excellent and brought everything full circle after the previous episode. This all concluded in a fantastic final scene where Jimmy explodes in Chuck's face, giving Chuck exactly what he wanted. Despite all of this, it's hard to not want Jimmy t beak in and yell at Chuck since he honestly deserves it for turning against his brother. These emotions make the scene all the more tragic in the end and the decision to linger there in silence for a few seconds at the end lets the emotion resonate well.

    A close second contender for best scene was the outstanding scene inside Los Pollos Hermanos. Jimmy's "covert op" is spectacular to watch and provides a lot of laughs. His terrible attempts at blending in drew in the attention of Gus and the scene was excellent as we got to see Gus slowly closing in on Jimmy and turning the tables against Mike. In the end it seems Jimmy's clumsiness has affected Mike as well as all the others in his life.

    Mike's story is handled well as usual and provides for fun, silent television just like last week in "Mabel". However, without the mystery of the tracker and how Mike plans to turn the tables on his mystery stalker, the content isn't quite as gripping throughout the episode. Things only start to pick up towards the end as we see that Gus is starting to turn the tables on Mike.

    Speaking of Gus, how fun was that return? There were many Breaking Bad references and they were all very exciting. The slow reveal of Los Pollos Hermanos was outstanding, even if it was predictable. And seeing Gus in the background, without clearly showing his face was very clever and kept me on my seat waiting for him to say something. In the end it seems that he quietly told whoever he was meeting to just leave and then appeared to Jimmy later while he was not-so-subtly looking through the garbage. Additionally, it was nice to see cameos from Francesca and Victor, which made for some fun moments.

    I enjoyed seeing Kim trying to help out Jimmy after learning about the truth from Ernie. She is very sweet as she tries to help, but it's clearly the wrong decision for her as Jimmy will almost undoubtedly drag her down with his irrational decisions.

    Chuck hiring the private investigator and making Howard travel through people's backyards really shows how badly he wants to convict Jimmy. It's clear that brotherly love hasn't affected him in any way, which makes him all the more effective as an antagonistic rival to Jimmy. The surprise in his eyes when Jimmy yelled at him was very well done and goes to show that Chuck never even considered that Jimmy's care for his brother would drive his actions.

    Other notes:
    -It was quite a sight to see Howard jumping those barriers. Well done there for the laughs.

    -I don't often comment on specific shots, but how beautiful was that bridge in the darkness? Truly superb cinematography there and it really felt like the kind of shot you would only find in Better Call Saul. This episode's cinematography was just as good, if not better, than last week's.

    -I can expect Saul Goodman to appear soon, possibly in this season. With Jimmy in such big trouble now, it may be hard for him to get clients under his real name.

    -The talk about the crooked M in the office was a little too blatant for my liking. This show has been much more subtle before.

    Overall, this episode was another good instalment, with some fantastic scenes mixed in to make it even better. Season 3 has started very well and I look forward to seeing where the story will go from here.

  • Ben
    Community Member
    60 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 2: Witness Link to this post

    Call me crazy, but I'm always a sucker for the moment the episode title takes effect in the episode. The "Witness" ending was another great cliffhanger, and it really feels like we are about to hit a major turning point in the story.

    The slow reveal of the Pollos Hermanos sign was one of the few moments ruined by our knowledge of Breaking Bad, reminded me a bit of the Fear The Walking Dead pilot actually.

    Much as I loved the "classic" Jesse-Walt team, I enjoy seeing Mike and Jimmy interact and their banter in the car post-mission was great as always.

    The Chuck-Jimmy story continues to entertain, and it really strikes a chord because I have a great relationship with my twin brother, and imagining it degenerate into a McGill situation is frightening.

    Witness: 68

    Last note:
    Forgot to give Mabel a score last week: 64

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3: Episode 2: Witness Link to this post

    I gave it a 69 on Robin's scale.


    * I have to agree guys that this show probably has the best visual shots of any show on the air right now. I loved in Mabel where they took us in almost a continuous shot through the border crossing/inspection.

    * Everything in a shot is carefully positioned and the visuals and blocking in some cases are more important then the dialog (like the thumb rolling tape removal that was mentioned. At the end of that I loved how Jimmy lost it and just ripped off the last bit because he became himself before storming off to Chuck's place.)

    * Gus slowly making his way slightly out of frame and focus in the background towards Jimmy was tense.

    * As in Breaking Bad, I love the way Gus hides in plain site when it comes to dealing with his real job. He is so cagey that I didn't pickup he sent the guy with the pack to another location until I saw him leave with the pack. Gus definitely was measuring whether Jimmy knew who he was for real and if he was a threat to his organization or could be an asset. If it were Mike instead of Jimmy, I think his conversation would have been very different.

    * I laughed at Mike's expression when he went over the hill and saw the cellphone in the road.


    * I kind of pieced together the investigator was there with Chuck because they were entrapping Jimmy, so when he finally kicked down the door and threw his tirade I wasn't surprised. I still liked it. To your point Aaronic it's the journey that's way cool here; not the destination.


    * There has to be a twist here to get him out of this. Perhaps Jimmy does pay the piper in prison and we fast forward to him doing law as Saul; or perhaps Gus bails him out and he has to do his lawyer duties as Saul with special favors for Gus?

    * When he keels over with icing on his face as Gene is that the last moment of his life?

    * Did Chuck set up Ernesto with the recorder so he would go to Jimmy?

    If that's the case, for me that's a long shot; not because of Jimmy; but Ernesto.

    * What exactly compels Ernesto to tell Jimmy about the recorder and the conversation he heard?

    I haven't seen anything that has made me feel like Ernesto and Jimmy were particularly close where Ernesto would confide to Jimmy or even Kim.

    * Why would Ernesto care whether Chuck had a recording of him and his brother? If anything, if Chuck told him to keep his mouth shut, wouldn't he just keep his mouth shut so neither of them would get in trouble? It's not like Ernesto heard enough to know Chuck was setting up his brother for taking a fall in some way.

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