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Author Topic: Thanks for the Summations 2750 Views
  • Yogabon
    Community Member
    37 Posts

    Thanks for the Summations Link to this post

    Hi Robin,
    Just want to thank you for the time you took to summise the shows on your blog.

    I found you during my LOST obsession. I moved to Fringe and love the show.

    I currently am most vested in Walking Dead for good drama. Bones for light drama and Glee because I have a 13 year old.

    I love Breaking Bad but am dreadfully behind. Dexter is completely done for me.

    I also really enjoy Modern Family and Community at times but find it hard to dedicate time to half hour sitcoms.

    I'm trying American Horror but haven't learned to really like any of the characters (one of the reasons I dropped True Blood).

    Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and New Year,

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts

    Re: Thanks for the Summations Link to this post

    Hey Yogabon,

    Thanks for letting me know what you're watching. I will definitely keep blogging about the new shows airing so anyone can come see if they are worth checking out. I'm glad it can be of help to you.

    I will be opening up nominations and voting for the best shows \ moments \ episodes of 2011 very soon so do come back and let everyone know what you thought.

    Thanks again,

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