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Author Topic: About Comedy 8694 Views
  • TheTVCritic
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    Re: About Comedy Link to this post

    Yeah those aggressive guys on Halloween were pretty scary. He definitely pushes boundaries and we haven't quite found a word for a short comedy that isn't a sit com.

    I wouldn't recommend pre-1980s British comedies to an American audience. I mean you might enjoy them but I would guess they rely on the context of the UK and are definitely a more innocent time and tone. Fawlty Towers is one of them but also The Good Life, Dad's Army and One Foot in the Grave. But I also watched The Cosby Show, Different Strokes, The Facts of Life, Saved by the Bell etc.

    The British version of Coupling is the most modern one I'd recommend. It tries hard to funny but it also uses time jumps and changes of perspective in a way which I think is more effective than either How I Met Your Mother or Community have managed.

  • Moustached48
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    Re: About Comedy Link to this post

    Did you ever watch The League of Gentlemen? I watched it growing up and as a result developed a weird short hand communication with my friend at school using just lines from the show. Even going back to it now everything about it is just so well realised and the performances from Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatis and Reece Shearsmith are still outstanding to this day. I feel nothing touches it in terms of balancing traditional comedy elements with horror the just plain bizarre though I can see how it isn't for everyone.

    What are your thoughts on Arrested Development and will you be watching it's overdue 4th season on Netflix later this month? Personally I like it a lot and appreciate the attention to detail though it's not what I'd consider hilarious there is something special about it; the satire, quick fire gags and well drawn characters. It didn't deserve to be cancelled that's for sure, I watch major network shows like Two and a Half Men (For five minutes) and part of me dies inside.

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: About Comedy Link to this post

    I'm afraid I haven't seen it. The horror elements put me off initially but it was also around the time when I was more American TV centric.

    I always found Arrested Development a curious one. Initially I enjoyed the storytelling which as you say was very focused and aware of its running gags and character beats. But the comedy always seemed centered around very basic "believable stupidity" stuff with Gob and Tobias. In the pilot I thought Buster was going to be fun too but quickly became disconnected from his squirmy-ness.

    As it went on I became less of a fan as things got whackier and Michael became less sympathetic to me. That coincided with me discovering that a lot of people I now follow online all thought it was one of the greatest comedies ever. I really struggle to follow that. I understand that there is a lot more to it than the average network comedy but it was always so silly that I never thought it could compare to shows with some genuine heart at their core. But that's obviously my whole perspective on comedy in general so that may not surprise you

    I will catch up on the new episodes but doubt at the moment that I would have time to write about them. And it's that curious position where I'm not sure I'm adding much to the discussion by reiterating why I don't rate it as highly as everyone else.

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