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Critical reviews of U.S. TV shows
and analysis of what makes them
good, bad, irritating and enlightening.

Being the TV Critic takes a lot of time.  As (hopefully!) you can tell a lot of time goes into reviewing each episode, recording podcasts and looking after the site. All this time I have to find outside of my "day" job.

I love writing about American television shows so much that I would love to spend more time doing it than I currently do. In order to do that I need donations from you.  If you enjoy what I provide your donation means that I can go on affording to produce the reviews and provide a place for fans with a critical eye to share their thoughts and feelings.

If everyone who regularly listens to the podcasts gave me fifty cents a podcast I would have more than enough to keep going. Of course I know not everyone will give and if you are very well off then please consider giving more. I have put some options below for regular monthly donations along with a standard “Donate” button for one off amounts. I don’t really need any more than your spare change though, so if you have ten bucks, five quid or just a euro to spare, I would really appreciate it.

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