Whitney, How to be a Gentleman (30\09\2011)

Whitney - 102 - First Date

Hmm. I'm still not sure what to make of Whitney. The minor characters, despite being fairly simple, are still ill defined. The dialogue is bad. Sometimes it just feels old and tired, sometimes it's overcomplicated. I didn't really laugh. The role playing story from the pilot even got repeated with the first date idea.

However! I kind of liked the story. Whitney wants to have a proper first date and soon things spiral out of control with Alex living downstairs and everyone acting like this established couple don't already live together. It was dumb but it was thorough. I liked the thoroughness. I liked that the writers wanted to go all the way with one story and focussed on it.

Whitney may end up being a lame show but I am a sucker for commitment. So I will be back next week hoping for more laughs.

In this richly varies season of comedy pilots it was fun to see two more that were quite different from the others on offer.

How to be a Gentleman - 101 - Pilot

This is the most old fashioned of all the pilots. Even more so than Whitney or Two Broke Girls this is a proper 1980s\90s style comedy. It was silly and the plot was incredibly basic but there might just be something to it.

It's a classic sit com setup. Andrew (Rickety Cricket from It's Always Sunny) is an old fashioned gentleman who is overly critical and lonely. His boss Jerry (Dave Nelson from NewsRadio) tells him that their men's magazine is being turned into something much younger and raunchier and they have to adapt. So Andrew turns to his old high school bully Bert (Johnny Drama from Entourage) for help. Hilarity ensues!

Ok it doesn't but an odd couple sit com with a stressed boss as well is all classic easy comedy stuff. We even get a really old fashioned silly character. Andrew's sister Janet's (Chloe from 24) husband is a camp, pathetic Australian guy who seems like he is there just to have his accent laughed at.

This really should be awful and at times it is. But little moments give me that glimmer of hope. Kevin Dillon was always fun on Entourage and the way he looked at Andrew's thank you card and exclaimed "You have the handwriting of a pirate!" was silly enough to make me laugh.

If you don't like traditional sit coms avoid this. If you do then maybe, just maybe it will turn into something passable.

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