Whitney (22\09\2011)

Whitney - 101 - Pilot

This fascinating comedy pilot season continues with a show that literally announces "Whitney is filmed in front of a live studio audience. You heard me."

Obviously I appreciated that a lot but for the first half of the episode the audience was hindering things. The audience laughed hard and loud at lines that really weren't funny. And not just lacking in humour but just lines that didn't require a laugh and the audience noise cut across the next line.

Then like practically ever new comedy there was too much going on in the dialogue. Whitney is afraid of marriage and has a crazy mother. She loves her boyfriend Alex and frets that the relationship is getting stale. Fine so far but then we meet her friends Roxanne and Lily whose dialogue was too thick and fast at times. One is one year into a happy relationship and the other is bitter and single. They neatly contrast the extremes of Whitney's situation don't they? Then we had the douche bag and the whipped boyfriend who provided a few smiles but again I just felt the dialogue was too quippy and fast. No one seems to want to slow things down and draw out emotions right now.

Then came the second half of the episode and we got something quite different. Whitney puts on a sexy nurses uniform for her anniversary and we got a really enjoyable scene. Alex is thrilled at this turn of events but then Whitney asks him to fill out forms like a real doctors office. He looks suitably incredulous and the whole thing was genuinely funny. He knocks himself out and she has to take him to the hospital. She frets over him and they act and feel like a real couple who love each other.

That second half of the episode was very encouraging. The whole role play scene made ideal use of having a studio audience whose presence pushes the actors to perform in a clear funny way. Alex and Whitney also came across as sympathetic and likeable people which was very pleasing. As with all the new comedies I will have to watch more to see where things go. The other jokes throughout the episode were pretty weak and so it's hard to tell which half of the episode is what we will see going forward.

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