Under the Dome – 101 – Pilot

Under the Dome – 101 – Pilot

Airing now “Under the Dome” is a CBS adaption of a Steven King novel about a town being surrounded by a giant invisible force field (like in “The Simpsons” movie). It stars Dean Norris (Hank from Breaking Bad), Jeff Fahey (Frank Lapidus from Lost) and Mike Vogel (Bates Motel, Pan Am).

As you would expect the sci-fi aspect of this was really interesting as the confused residents of Chester’s Mill watch cars and planes bang into their invisible walls and try to wrap their heads around this strange new development. There seemed to be a good ensemble cast with various sub plots to be curious about.

But (you knew this was coming right) I’ve reached a point where I only feel I can write about new shows which break from the network TV formula. I will watch a few more episodes of “Under the Dome” because I enjoyed the pilot just fine. But I’m sceptical whether this will turn into anything more than a knock off of Twin Peaks, Lost, Bates Motel, Jericho etc. I was very wary of the strong hits that the dome was the result of some kind of conspiracy as I’ve yet to see that idea lead to good television. I also began to smell silliness when the attractive reporter invites the attractive stranger to stay at her house while another resident turns out to be a sociopath who locks his girlfriend in his fallout shelter. Those elements felt like soap opera stuff and unless the direction changes quickly I don’t imagine I will write it again.

As the lessons of Lost seem to always be well, lost, I just want to reiterate the one which is relevant here. I only cared about what the Dharma Initiative was or what was in the hatch because of the emotions it would provoke in Jack or Locke. Mysteries on their own are not enough to carry a TV show.  

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