The Killing - 105 - Super 8

The Killing - 105 - Super 8

I thought the plot was stronger here as we get some genuine clues rather than misdirection. Bennet's behavior managed to keep him as the prime suspect without proving anything. Darren Richmond remained a nice guy but who has suspiciously strong links to the case. Gwen seems to have used sex as a weapon more than once which makes her seem a little more interesting too. Then we have Stan Larssen getting involved in the case (out of grief) and Holder waving envelopes of money about.

It's all keeping me interested in finding out the truth but beyond that I'm not terribly engaged. The show lacks a compelling hook and doesn't make me care about these characters. There is a slight 24 feel in the air where anyone (except Linden) could suddenly turn out to be the murderer.

I've never felt that grieving parents is an emotion many people can relate to (thankfully) but perhaps that is just me. Seeing Stan break down and hide it from his wife made me shrug (despite the good acting). I still feel like there is something missing from the show. Right now it feels like a book I started reading and can't put down out of habit rather than enjoyment.




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