Talking Comedy with Brando (podcast) 8.6.2011

Hey everyone,

I know it's been a quiet season on the podcast front but I finally sat down with Brando again to talk comedy. We covered the major comedies on TV as you can see from the handy breakdown below.

I apologise for the sound quality which is not the best. We are still recording off Skype as opposed to recording each side of the conversation the way we do on the Buffy Rewatch. As with the infrequency of the podcasts this is just a result of having a day job and not being able to dedicate as much time to the site as I would like. I hope you enjoy it anyway as it's great to get another perspective on the comedies I live with week in, week out.

I aim to podcast about "Breaking Bad" when it returns this Summer so stay tuned.

Robin (The TV Critic)

Download link:

Talking Comedy with Brando
Recorded on 8th June 2011
53 minutes 47 seconds

"Community" 0.57 - 12.02
"Parks and Recreation" 12.03 - 20.08
"The Office" 20.09 - 34.09
"The Big Bang Theory" 34.10 - 37.40
"Modern Family" 37.41 - 43.13
"The Middle" 43.14 - 44.23
Other comedies 44.24 - 46.35
"How I Met Your Mother" 46.36 - 53.15

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