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Sort of Goodbye

Posted by The TV Critic on 18 September 2015 | 43 Comments


I may be gone for now but check out these podcasts:

The Angel Rewatch (with Derek and William)

Return to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Rewatch (with Cordia and Celeste)

Hi everyone,

As you can probably imagine producing podcasts takes a lot of time. An hour to watch the show, sometimes an hour to write, an hour to read and edit feedback, an hour to record, an hour to edit and post and prepare for the next one. Between "The Walking Dead" podcast and the Buffy Rewatch my spare time is well used up.

Over the years I had hoped to turn TheTVCritic into my second job. I wanted the time to make it more professional and try and suck in some more people who might initially be put off by views or presentation. But I haven't had time for that. As many of you know I have a day job and then I began "The History of Byzantium" podcast.

When it comes to TV, I am in the minority. I take my television very seriously and I've loved finding like minded people to share the shows with. So many of your comments have shaped my experience of each show or made me laugh or think. But the majority just watch TV and don't seek out podcasts or a serious analysis of a show's flaws. Whereas in the history world I'm able to be a part of the mainstream and find thousands of listeners who want to know more about what happened to the Romans after 476 AD.

As I'm sure you can imagine researching history takes even more hours of my time and has now become almost a full time job in itself. I just can't go on doing three jobs. I'm giving none of them all that I could and I have to prioritise the two which pay the bills.

So, what's going to happen is this: "The Walking Dead" podcast has come to an end. In a few weeks The Buffy Rewatch will join it. I will be back to cover "Game of Thrones" season four and plan on covering that show until it ends. I am invested in that show and am (obviously) very confident that it will end and end with a story that is at least complete even if I can't yet attest to its quality. As it's only on ten weeks a year I can just about squeeze it in and Roberto helps me a lot with the production process.

All my comedy reviews will come to an end. I will still publish written reviews for "Mad Men" and "The Walking Dead" as I am a completist and would like to finish both on the site. But I can't guarantee when those reviews will be up. And I don't expect you to swing by and keep commenting. I know for most of you the main lure are the podcasts. I am the same way, I rely on them to get me through the week.

I will always be here though. I'm sure when time allows I will still want to review "The Sopranos" and old "Simpsons" episodes or whatever. You can always tweet me or email me. And I hope this isn't goodbye for good. As much as I enjoy history it can't quite do what TV can do for me. It can't break into song, or make a disabled man walk. It can't host a seemingly pleasant wedding, open up a barn of undead farmers or talk about a problem dog. Watching and writing about American TV is still my first love. I hope I can get back to podcasts one day. But I don't know how long away that is. It could be a very long time. But even if I have to wait till I'm 70, know that I want to be at the microphone telling you all why you're crazy for giving a 72 when the episode was clearly a 58. Oh, how you'll miss me :-)

If you have any questions or comments send them my way. You've all been so kind to me over the years and it's been a pleasure to host such great comment and debate. Thank you all for listening. I don't remember when or why I coined the "enjoy your TV" phrase but I mean it. I may have groaned and grinded my teeth through eight years of "How I Met Your Mother" but I still enjoyed it. I still enjoyed seeing the rhythms of a sit com, however mangled, and watching the performances and thinking of all the ways it could have been done differently. I really hope that you do enjoy your television in whatever way you do. And that it can bring you pleasure the way it has for me.

Goodbye for now,
Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)

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  • i am listening to the Buffy rewatch and I love to hear your analysis and opinions. Thanks for the great work you've done as a labor of love. Please know that it's appreciated.

    Posted by Karen, 15/02/2015 10:49am (5 years ago)

  • :-)

    Posted by The TV Critic, 04/01/2015 12:07pm (5 years ago)

  • Thanks for everything Robin. I have been listening since Lost. You have left an indelible, chronic impression on the way I watch TV. Now you enjoy YOUR TV.

    Posted by Vincent, 03/01/2015 4:19pm (5 years ago)

  • Thank you for a unique and serious (not drunk) podcast for Breaking Bad. I've enjoyed your perspective as well as the many commenters'.
    Take care and have an excellent life

    Posted by Nono Ono, 09/10/2014 1:33am (5 years ago)

  • hi. while i am kind of devasted by your decision, i completely understand and applaud your discipline to make choices to focus.
    However---I just started watching The Blacklist, and really needed to hear your views! I first learned of your site when I watched Breaking Bad. I enjoyed your reviews about equally to enjoying the episodes. Best of luck with your projects and do come back!

    Posted by danielle, 21/09/2014 12:40am (5 years ago)

  • Dear robin
    You deserve the #1 search result spot for "tv critic" rightfully - at least for me you were a true roger ebert of television. I discovered you thru breaking bad and Half of the pleasure of watching that show came from reading your holistic and smart thoughts about it afterwards.
    Would have loved to see what you have to say about under the dome...
    All the best from Tokyo!!!

    Posted by Kris , 19/08/2014 2:42pm (5 years ago)

  • Thanks so much for the lovely comments. To answer your question specifically Maggie. As generous as many of you have been you usually don't get more than say 1-5% of people who will give to this kind of thing. Because I am not to everyone's tastes I have never really gotten more than 2 or 3000 listeners at the most. And much less for some podcasts. The History audience is already at 15,000 regulars and about 70,000 who have sampled it at some point and it's growing all the time. In the history world I am the "Jay and Jack" or the David Chen or the Bald Move. But in the TV world I am the unpopular critic who turns a lot of people off. I will try and stay in touch with the site as best I can. But for my future's sake I have to let it go for now :-(

    Posted by The TV Critic, 12/08/2014 11:07pm (5 years ago)

  • Hi, Robin --

    So sorry you won't be doing TV podcasts for the foreseeable future! I absolutely loved your Breaking Bad podcast, and was hoping you'd soon do one on another show I'm watching (Orange Is the New Black, Orphan Black, or True Detective for example). I love history too, and have listened to some of your Byzantium podcast. But I enjoy the TV ones much, much more!! More of your own individual intelligence and sensibilities come through in them, and I enjoy that. In other words, I like you as a person, and miss contact, however digitally ethereal with you.

    How does the Byzantium podcast pay the bills. and why don't the TV ones? I for one would gladly subscribe (pay money) to a TV podcast by you on a show I liked.

    I'll keep checking back, and finish listening to the Byzantium cast just to hear your voice, but it won't be the same.

    Love, Maggie

    Posted by Maggie Springer, 09/08/2014 11:25pm (5 years ago)

  • I have to say, I'm really sad to see that you'll be taking a break from the tv critic. I just discovered the Buffy rewatch podcast to accompany my own rewatch of the show, and my husband's first viewing of Buffy. Listening to the podcast has sparked some very lively discussion between us about the show, and helped my husband to think about television in a much deeper way than before, something I've been trying to get him to do for years. Thank you for dong such great work! I hope to see you back at it soon, but good luck on your other endeavors until then!

    Posted by Jodi, 08/08/2014 2:55am (5 years ago)

  • Best of luck to you!

    Posted by Tonia, 29/07/2014 10:22pm (5 years ago)

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