Other TV 14 - 20 December

Dexter - 412 - The Getaway
If I reviewed Dexter I suspect I would have a stronger opinion about the direction of the show. By reviewing shows I am forced to watch each episode twice and commit to whatever I write down about it. It forces you to discuss where the show is going and then reanalyze that constantly. With Dexter I have just been like a normal viewer, I have watched it all the way through not rewatching.

What drew me to it was the charcterisation of this strange sociopath and the fear that he might be caught at any moment. When everyone accepted Doakes as the Bay Harbour Butcher the show probably lost me as a hardcore fan. Surely there should have been overwhelming evidence that he wasn’t responsible? But I still enjoyed the show. Seasons 3 and 4 have felt similar to me, Dexter meets another man like him and ends up killing them. On the whole I enjoyed Season 4 more and this was a strong finale.

Instead of going dramatic, the writing seemed to go more psychological. I particularly liked Harry pointing out what would happen to Rita and the children after Dexter’s death: that they would be branded for life as the family of the most vicious killer in living memory. Dexter and Arthur’s final showdown was a good scene too. Partly because Arthur was the first victim in a long while to lie there and almost seem relieved that the end had come. It allowed for an exchange of ideas which ultimately undermined Dexter’s sense of self confidence about his ability to redeem himself.

Of course Rita’s death was the means by which that self doubt became evident. It was a shock and I hope that it leads to a dark season 5, full of conflict for Dexter. If they intend to deal adequately with the grief which the children will feel then it will have to be dark.

It did make me wonder how Dexter found Arthur though? What I thought set next season up nicely was the way the minor characters stories were left dangling. Deb is on her way to uncovering her own brother’s true nature, Quinn still hates him, LaGuerta and Batista are moving in together. Season 5 already has much of its plot mapped out, not to mention if people ask the obvious question: why would Arthur kill Rita?

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