June 2017

Season 3 of Fargo was much the same as the first two. Entertaining but unemotional. I'm a Big Lebowski fan so I enjoyed the nods but I don't need to see a Season 4.

Better Call Saul was similarly consistent. Its a very well made show and the Jimmy story had real high points. However it remains hard to get too emotionally invested in a show whose conclusion is pre-determined. Everything involving Gus was pretty dull for example. There is also a sense that Jimmy's transformation into Saul stops and starts as needed. I'm not too bothered by that as we all have good and bad impulses. But that runs into problems when it comes to his relationship with Kim. Half way through the season she was pretty clear that she would not be a part of any more grifting. Yet in the end she seemed to nod along with his horrible scamming of retirees. It also seemed strange how little affection they showed one another. And I mean all season. In the first few episodes I was constantly wondering if I'd forgotten them breaking up. Clearly their relationship is doomed but not addressing the absence of intimacy seems odd.

The Leftovers is the best television show I've seen since I stopped reviewing regularly. Its no surprise that the format established on Lost would be successful in a different setting. Damon Lindelof understands better than anyone else in television that emotion is key to everything. I thought the third season was wonderful. I have plenty of quibbles but the overall effect was magical. I never believed anything supernatural was going on and watched the finale fully assuming Nora was lying. But having listened to interviews since I suspect that the opposite was intended. I don't mind either way which is the essence of the show. Bravo. 

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