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  • Season 3 of *Fargo *was much the same as the first two. Entertaining but unemotional. I'm a *Big Lebowski *fan so I enjoyed the nods but I don't need to see a Season 4. *Better Call Saul *was similarly consistent. Its a very well made show and the Jimmy story had real high points. However it remains hard to get too emotionally invested in a show whose conclusion is pre-determined. Everything involving Gus was pretty dull for example. There is also a sense that Jimmy's transformation into Saul stops and starts as needed.
    24 June 2017 - 6 comments
  • I won't rehash all that's wrong with *The Walking Dead* but season seven continued all the bad trends. It even managed to reach new lows with Jadis and the trash people. Their implausible behaviour was only matched by the stupidity of Rick trusting them. You can put that all to one side though. The most egregious thing about the whole season was the finale. It was a rehash of the Season 3 ending where nothing was resolved so that the Governor could limp on for another year. The staging of the battle was awful.
    8 April 2017 - 2 comments

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  • Beric on The Dragon and the Wolf
    Littlefinger's death has a huge thematic contribution. Like Jon said: 'when enough people make false promises, words stop meanng anything...then there are no more answers, only better and better lies ...
    5 December 2017
  • Paul Weeks on Normal Again
    I hate to disagree, but this episode made me stop watching the series. Buffy has been through so much, I had so much invested in the character and to find that it's all the hallucination of a patheti...
    28 August 2017
  • The TV Critic on Beyond the Wall
    22 August 2017
  • Brando on Beyond the Wall
    Well hello old friend! I've been following your reviews and finally couldn't help but to comment. While I've been enjoying this season, I also appreciate how you can cut right through the ludicrous...
    21 August 2017

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