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  • I'm struggling to think of another TV show like *Westworld. *And by that I mean I can't remember another major TV show which tried to function with no main character. Delores is not a main character. She is still a robot. A robot that needed both her creators to instruct her to murder them in order for her to achieve sentience. Ignore all the philosophy and the memory games. Delores is not yet a character in the real sense of the word. We can't root her on, emotionally, because we don't really know who she is.
    10 December 2016 - 4 comments
  • I'm still watching TV of course but nothing has blown me away recently. *Mr Robot *had a great pilot which promised a psychological thriller. But I don't think that's what its going to become. By the end of Season One it already felt like Elliot's mental state had become a plot device. His voice overs descending into Mohinder territory at times. I'm not writing the show off. I very much like the topic it's tackling. Very few shows present an alternate-present narrative where governments and businesses have to react to their plots.
    10 August 2016 - 2 comments

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  • Aaronic on Born to Run
    This episode was pretty disappointing and offered very little going into the finale. I absolutely agree about Kate. I always felt that Kate was one of Lost's weakest characters because her story do...
    15 January 2017
  • Aaronic on The Greater Good
    This was an enjoyable episode but it doesn't feel like a standard Lost episode, but rather a standard drama episode. The character development was good. I enjoyed Sayid's flashback as it covered a ...
    14 January 2017
  • Aaronic on Do No Harm
    This episode was much better than I remembered it being. Once again, Lost focusses on the theme of letting go and this time it's Jack that gets the focus. The character work is wonderful and I love...
    14 January 2017
  • Aaronic on Deux Ex Machina
    This was a fantastic episode which paved the way for Lost's future. As you mentioned above, this episode confirms the island's potential through Locke's on island story, which was great. I'm glad t...
    13 January 2017

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