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  • I'm still watching TV of course but nothing has blown me away recently. *Mr Robot *had a great pilot which promised a psychological thriller. But I don't think that's what its going to become. By the end of Season One it already felt like Elliot's mental state had become a plot device. His voice overs descending into Mohinder territory at times. I'm not writing the show off. I very much like the topic it's tackling. Very few shows present an alternate-present narrative where governments and businesses have to react to their plots.
    10 August 2016
  • *A new book featuring some material from thetvcritic. org is now available.
    18 September 2015

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  • Shameless fanatic on Just Like the Pilgrims Intended
    I absolutely adore this show, both American and British. However, in this episode; though it is called Shameless and that it may be; I found the killing of the bald eagle in poor taste. I think Paul A...
    21 August 2016
  • Danny on No One
    I just can't take your ratings seriously when you have this episode rated as 20 points below an average episode of Dollhouse. Kinda ridiculous.
    24 June 2016
  • Gilbert on The Agreement Dissection
    I really enjoyed Sheldon crushing Priya, and being the unknowing hero by saving Leonard from that cold woman, revealing her true feelings.
    21 June 2016
  • A Commentator on Battle of the Bastards
    Yeah, that was my problem with the whole Sansa thing too.. until I realised that maybe she didn't tell Jon because she doesn't honestly trust him. Her time with Ramsay has seriously changed her, and s...
    20 June 2016

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