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    Jon sends Sam and Gilly to the Citadel. Ser Alliser kills Jon. Selyse kills herself, Melissandre flees and Stannis' army are easily routed by the Boltons. Brienne kills Stannis. Sansa and Theon leap from the walls. Arya kills Meryn Trant but is then punished by Jaqen. Cersei confesses to sleeping with Lancel and is forced to walk naked through the streets of Kings Landing. Myrcella is poisoned by the Sand Snakes. Daario and Jorah go in search of Dany while Tyrion and Varys take charge of Meereen. Drogon needs rest and as Dany searches for food she is surrounded by the Dothraki.
    23 June 2015 - 14 comments
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    Ser Alliser opens the gates and lets Jon and the Wildlings through. Ramsay's attack badly damages Stannis' camp. Stannis sends Davos away and then has Shireen burnt alive. Arya sees Mace and Ser Meryn arrive and follows the latter to a brothel. Jaime agrees to take Myrcella and Prince Trystane with him back to Kings Landing. Dany oversees a Ser Jorah victory before the Harpies attack and its Drogon to the rescue.
    15 June 2015 - 1 comments
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    Tyrion wins Dany over but Jorah is exiled again. He commits himself to fighting in the pits again. Arya learns to be someone else and deliver justice from the Many Faced God. Cersei continues to suffer in her cell but Qyburn is busy at work. Sansa learns that Bran and Rickon maybe alive. Ramsay volunteers to attack Stannis’ army before they reach Winterfell. Jon and Tormund convince most of the Wildlings to join them. The White Walkers then attack Hardhome forcing a hasty retreat.
    1 June 2015 - 3 comments
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    Jon leaves Castle Black as Aemon passes away. Sam and Gilly are attacked by two black brothers but are saved by Ghost. Stannis' army are suffering in the snow but he insists they push on. Melissandre suggests that they use Shireen's blood. Sansa asks Reek to light the candle for her but he informs Ramsay who flays the old woman who set up the signal. Olenna goes to see Baelish after the High Sparrow refuses her entreaty. Cersei tells Tommen that she will talk to the High Sparrow but crows over Margaery instead. Instead the Sparrow has her thrown in a cell on Lancel's testimony. Myrcella doesn't want to leave with Jaime. Bronn seems to find the antidote to his poison. Jorah and Tyrion are sold to the same man whose fighting pit is visited by Dany. Daario asks Dany to marry him, suggests she slaughters the old masters and that she marry him.
    31 May 2015 - 12 comments - Podcast Available
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    Sansa marries Ramsay and Reek is forced to watch. Baelish arrives in Kings Landing lobbying to become Warden of the North. Ser Loras is tried before a synod and he and Margaery are imprisoned in front of Lady Olenna. Jaime, Bronn and the Sand Snakes fight over Myrcella before being captured. Tyrion and Jorah are captured by pirates and convince them to take them to Meereen. Arya discovers that she is not ready to become a faceless person.
    21 May 2015 - 10 comments - Podcast Available
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    Don visits Stephanie and goes on a retreat with her by the California coast. Joan offers Peggy a partnership in thier own company.
    20 May 2015 - 1 comments
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    Jon asks Tormund to lead his people south. Tormund insists that Jon go with him. Stannis sets off for Winterfell. Sansa runs into Miranda and Reek. Dany threatens the leaders of Meereen but ends up agreeing to reopen the fighting pits and marrying Hizdahr zo Loraq. Jorah takes Tyrion through the ruins of old Valyria and they are attacked by the Stone Men.
    17 May 2015 - 11 comments - Podcast Available

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  • Hey, I have moved the Game of Thrones podcast (A Pod of Casts) to Libsyn (the dedicated podcast hosting service). This means that most of the links at thetvcritic. org to those podcasts won't work. Your Itunes subscription should work fine and if you prefer to download the files individually go here: http://apodofcasts. libsyn. com/. If you need to know the RSS feed address it's http://apodofcasts. libsyn. com/rss. If you want episode one of Season 5 right now then download from here: http://traffic. libsyn. com/apodofcasts/A_Pod_of_Casts_501_The_Wars_to_Come. mp3 If you are wondering why I don't get those links fixed then go back to the "Sort of Goodbye" Blog post.
    16 April 2015
  • *I may be gone for now but check out these podcasts:* The Angel Rewatch (with Derek and William)[https://theangelrewatch. wordpress. com/] Return to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Rewatch (with Cordia and Celeste)[http://returntostarshollow. blogspot. co. uk/] Trailerclash: The Movie Trailers Podcast (with Roberto and friends)[http://trailerclash. wordpress. com/] Hi everyone, As you can probably imagine producing podcasts takes a lot of time. An hour to watch the show, sometimes an hour to write, an hour to read and edit feedback, an hour to record, an hour to edit and post and prepare for the next one. Between "The Walking Dead" podcast and the Buffy Rewatch my spare time is well used up.
    5 September 2014 - 43 comments

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  • yogabon on Mother's Mercy
    I actually did enjoy most of the episode. My only thought is that Reek finally 'manned' up when Ramsay's Whore mentioned cutting Stansa up. Something about "parts". I think that is what finally...
    22 June 2015
  • David F on Mother's Mercy
    Sorry for missing the comment window, on this, your final podcast! Thank you so much, Robin and Roberto. Your discussion has been a pleasure for me over these last few years! And thanks for provoki...
    18 June 2015
  • Robert on Mother's Mercy
    Well, if this wasn't an entertaining hour of television full of depression, humiliation and excessive violence. In a way you have to applaud the showrunners (and Martin himself) for not making any com...
    17 June 2015
  • Ike on Mother's Mercy
    Robin, you hit the nail on the head; the show runners are completely addicted to the Twitter buzz caused by trying to shock their watchers with gut wrenching twists. Even the ham handed way they are h...
    16 June 2015

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